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Java Fundamentals -TFY University

In 1995 Java was developed by James Gosling,Patrick Naughton, Ed Frank, Chris Warth and Mike Sheridan as Sun Microsystems (Owned By ORacle Corp).

Core Java is a prt of Java SE.

Advanced Java is a part of Java SE and Java EE.


Identifiers is a word and it can be used to identify class,interdace,package,variable,method etc.

It can be formed by using alphabets,digits, underscore(_) and dollar sign ($)

Rules To Declare an Identifier:-

  • It must begin with alphabet, underscore or dollar sign ($)
  • Length of the identifier is not limited.
  • It should not contain special symbols other than(_) and ($)
  • It should not contain white space characters (tab,space or enter)


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