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Intel unveiled its new family of AI Chip Nervana

Intel has unveiled its Nervana Neural Processor family (NNP) at the WSJDLive global technology conference and they will be ready for shipping by the end of 2017. The NNP family is not for the average PC but dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Tech giants including Google, Facebook, and Apple are shifting their focus towards staying ahead of the line […]

Facebook Shut Down AI After It Invented Its Own Language

Researches at Facebook shut down an artificial intelligence (AI) program after it created its own language, Digital Journal reports. The system developed code words to make communication more efficient and researchers took it offline when they realized it was no longer using English.

Beginners Guide To Machine Learning Big Data Courses

The wave of Machine Learning has hit and transformed every sector, affecting the way we take our decisions. The widespread use of Big Data among all the industries has sparked the use of machines to detect patterns and previse future. With multiple complicated territories which Machine Learning has been able to conquer such as data mining, natural language processing (NLP), image recognition, and expert systems, it is said to be the foundation of future civilization.

Why The frustrated youth thinks AI will lead To Mass Unemployment By 2050

It’s possible that true AI is very far away. But not likely. Just look around: it’s obviously moving ahead in leaps and bounds already. Your average smartphone today is nearly as good at answering random questions as Watson was back when it famously won a round of Jeopardy. We’ve gone from $100 million and a […]

Which algorithms are must needed for Artificial intelligence?

There are three major AI categories: 1 Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): Sometimes referred to as Weak AI, Artificial Narrow Intelligence is AI that specializes in one area. There’s AI that can beat the world chess champion in chess, but that’s the only thing it does. Ask it to figure out a better way to store […]

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