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Java Fundamentals -TFY University

In 1995 Java was developed by James Gosling,Patrick Naughton, Ed Frank, Chris Warth and Mike Sheridan as Sun Microsystems (Owned By ORacle Corp). Core Java is a prt of Java SE. Advanced Java is a part of Java SE and Java EE. Identifiers:- Identifiers is a word and it can be used to identify class,interdace,package,variable,method […]

Java Basics – TFY University

Java is a  Technology and It has two things Programming Language Platforms There are four Java Platforms Java Platform – Standard Edition (Java SE) Java Platform – Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Java Platform – Micro Edition (Java ME) Java Platform – FX (Java FX) Java History 1995 – JAVA   ->   J2SE   ->   Java SE (2005) […]

Basic Understanding Of Neural Network

Neural networks are similar to biological neural network. Biological neural network is collection of biological neurons in human brain similarly Neural network is collection of nodes called Artificial neurons. Neural networks are based on non-task specific programming concepts like in image recognition they learn to resemble images by analyzing sample images labeled with name as […]

What is TensorFlow Machine Learning Platform ?

TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data-flow graphs. It was originally developed by the Google Brain Team within Google’s Machine Intelligence research organization for machine learning and deep neural networks research, but the system is general enough to be applicable in a wide variety of other domains as well. It […]

What is Apache Spark? The big data analytics platform explained

From its humble beginnings in the AMPLab at U.C. Berkeley in 2009, Apache Spark has become one of the key big data distributed processing frameworks in the world. Spark can be deployed in a variety of ways, provides native bindings for the Java, Scala, Python, and R programming languages, and supports SQL, streaming data, machine learning, and […]

how to get a high-paying job at Google even with a low GPA

Employees choose their free lunch from one of fifteen different cafes at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California March 3, 2008. Erin Siegal/Reuters Google is the fifth highest paying company in the US, according to Glassdoor . But to land one of those high-paying jobs, you’ll have to be strategic about it – especially if […]

how to get a high-paying job a Google even with a low GPA

Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering : Which One To Choose?

TFY Shorts: New entrants in the field of computing often use computer science and computer engineering terms interchangeably. While they have a lot in common, they also have tons of differences. While computer science deals with processing, storage, and communication of data and instructions, computer engineering is a marriage of electrical engineering and computer science. […]

Most Valuable Programming Languages For A High Paying Job

Willing to learn new software skills and programming languages in 2017? Well, you’re at the right place. According to a career website, skills with lower job openings rank higher on the list of the highest paying programming languages. While Languages like Objective-C, Scala, and Go help one rake in big bucks, evergreen languages like SQL, Java, and C++ continue to create a large number of jobs.

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