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What is Daisy’s Destruction?

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Daisy’s Destruction is a series of three videos, once considered an urban myth of the dark web. Unfortunately, they were proven all too real.

The videos show a masked woman torturing and sexually abusing a toddler. It was first hosted for “public” consumption on dark web site Hurt2theCore, a child abuse site that specialised in not just child pornography, but torture and abuse. It was widely considered to be the very worst site on the dark web and it’s owner, Lux, the most evil person on the dark web. He ran what he called a “Pedo Empire” which was very popular with pedophiles and others who enjoyed watching children get harmed.

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Lux was caught a couple of years ago and in the same sting the producer of Daisy’s Destruction, Peter Scully, was also caught. Lux was recently sentenced to 17 years in Australian jail. Peter Scully is in prison in the Philippines for not only torturing Daisy, but facing murder charges of another girl of around 9 years old, whose body was found at his house.

Most of the rumours claim Daisy was killed on film (and thus the only existing proof of a snuff movie) but she is alive and being looked after.

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