Marianas web : is the darkest corner of the internet which clamied to have data such as location of holy Grail and unpublished Vatican incidents and stories which is impossible to hack

How deep is it ?

Marianas web is the fifth level of legandary eight levels of internet

How Marianas web is accessed ?

It is accessed by using a network quantum computers with software architecture that can store and process information on artificially modified photons
Quantum computers allow particles to exist in two states simultaneously this structural instability means it is impossible for hackers to penetrate

Does it really exist ?

The Marianas web origins are mostly from forum based discussions no one ever claimed to visit this web it is only hypothetical
Marianas web is possible but the technology required to create such is not available right now

Is it as dangerous and disturbing as darknet ?

Even if the Marianas web exist considering the price and expense to maintain it is highly impossible for darknet users to use 5th level of internet which requires a quantum computer to access

Any Research and counter measures against Marianas web ?

NSA is Bulding a quantum computer which can effectively crack all the alogorthims controlling all the levels of internet through automated hacking NSA spent over 79 million dollars on this project which is revealed by Edward Snowden in his documents.