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The Frustrated Youth  is a leading Indian Technology Media Website, dedicated to  breaking technology news, New Programming Trends and Algorithms. We are always improving it and thinking bigger for our users.

Founded in November 2011, The Frustrated Youth and its network of websites now reach over 1 lac monthly unique visitors. The Frustrated Youth community includes more than 5 Thousand friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google and other social media.

Our Specialisation


Meat The Team

We are a small team of 8. Our team is composed of a very talented individuals that are very passionate in what they do. We are deeply passionated in what we do.


Gajendra Bagha


A Passionate Software Engineer willing to change the Engineering Education Scenario In India.


Ron Faucheux


An Electrical Engineer with 7+ Years of Experience in Software Industry.


Antawn Jamison


having a Bachelor Degree In Computer Science And Engineering From IIT, Kanpur and 5+ Years of Industry Experience.

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We are always looking for passionated individual who loves making the web an awesome place to be. What we need is a smart, professional, and on-the-go individual who can help make our company better.

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